Tree Milling

If you have access to a timber supply, Downright Carpentry offers a tree milling service to make your next building project more cost-effective.

Gerald Lavell of Downright Carpentry can slab up all of your timber in his milling shed, providing the resources for your next carpentry or building project. He is flexible and will mill all types of timber, in conjunction with being well equipped to finish your milling project quickly and efficiently.

By choosing Gerald to mill your timber, you have the added benefit of his building and carpentry knowledge and skills. He can offer advice on the best types of timber to suit various building and carpentry projects and can complete the project for you after the timber is milled.

If you have trees on your property that need to be removed, why not hire Gerald to slab them for you and reap the benefits when you sell them for a profit.

Contact Gerald today if you would like advice on his timber milling service or to book an appointment. You will be amazed at how reasonable his rates are.